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The mission of THF is to provide an education and self-sustaining skills to the orphaned and less privileged youth between the ages of 12 and 19 who are enrolled in secondary level education but cannot continue due to financial constraints. Many of these children are orphans in custody of very poor guardians and some would have to work while attending school, and others are children from very poor parents who, after attaining the minimal free education provided by the government, would be forced to join the workforce at such a tender age.

 THF currently sponsors 17 children in Kampala,
Uganda, providing for tuition and their meals at school, for an annual cost of
$140 per student.

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Student Spotlight

Recently, the longest-served student of THF, Sam Lubega, graduated and returned to his school to teach while attending a local university. A resident of Nnasse Village, Matuga Town, Sam stays with his grandmother and four siblings, plus a nephew. Unfortunately, both his parents are deceased.
Sam’s hobbies include reading inspirational and motivational books, playing football and doing part-time engineering work. He dreams of buying land for his family, of providing an education for his siblings and of providing help and solutions for his village.
(Caption for photo of Sam – Sam Luega, second from right, stands with his guardian, far left, and Patricia Kemirembe, second from left, and Peter Kanyima, right.

Donations, both in cash and in-kind from private individuals, donor communities local and foreign, the government of Uganda, as well as friends and well-wishers, are welcome. We are optimistic that we shall find sponsorships also from business organizations local and foreign, but also locally, we shall organize fundraisers, at which we shall exhibit the talents of the young men and women we are helping.

THF, therefore, appeals to all well wishers, individuals, companies, NGOs, churches and other organizations to pay attention to the plight of these poor children who very much yearn to have a bright future, which at the moment is just a dream. And yet we know that if we gave whatever little we can, these children’s’ dreams can become a reality.
THF welcomes any support rendered to these children. It can be material, ranging from scholastic materials like text books, exercise books, pens, pencils, shoes, clothes or even computers. It can also be in the form of money, advice or even prayers.


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